Being productive between terms#

today's background image is of my daughter Becky in front of a new year's greeting for some other Becky :blush:#

Starbucks has more customer money on cards than many banks have in deposits#

Airbus made a completely 3D-printed plane that actually flies#

today's background image to celebrate the opening of the first roller coaster in America in 1884 (and to symbolize the status of my life right now)#

Ending Hack-A-Shaq#

today's background image in honor of another of my favorite films, released today in 2002#

today's background image in honor of the great Secretariat who won the Triple Crown 43 years ago today#


today's background image in honor of the first Porsche completed on this day in 1948#

The Veggie Burger Principle#

The rich meaning in The Lord of the Rings orchestral score#



today's background images because BASEBALL IS BACK!!#

I am definitely going to try this#


I share a lot of his art online, but I'm not sure when I last asked friends to support his work. #

To believe that personal sins lead to international catastrophes is primitive and magical thinking. David Hayward, graffiti artist on the walls of religion

I just set up my wishlist in case anyone wants to support his work. :blush:#

today's background image by Mark Turnauckas#

today's background image is a reminder - use your brain, people#

If reports are true, what Liberty University did is indefensible. #

It's just more evidence they care more about their politics than their statement of faith.#

I've written a few times about my frustrations with Liberty - here, here, and here#

I wonder what LU's College Democrats club thinks. Oh wait... #

I don't think ministries should be tax exempt anyway, but certainly this one shouldn't be if they do things like this.#

today's background image in honor of national puppy day#

Among cases in which a suspect was bitten by an attack dog and the suspect’s race was recorded, what percentage were black?

Take a guess.#


I don't need it often, but when I do The Verge

I usually want to find it fast. #

today's background image in honor of National Chocolate Caramel Day#

Wallpapers to help break your phone addiction #

The Ides of March#


today's background image from President Obama's 2009 picks for March Madness#

Well if you ask me... Are you ready for the truth?#

The Pluto Wars Revisited#

I'm not sure this makes sense, but I never really did get why we still do daylight savings time. And I certainly don't understand why the rules had to change recently. I don't think it will ever make sense to me.#


today's background image features the business cards of super heroes and villains#

In Finland, speeding fines are calculated based on the speeder’s daily income

I'm not sure what to make of this. On the one hand, it seems an interesting way to make the punishment "hurt" everyone the same way. On the other, I can imagine it might lead to profiling of people with higher incomes. #

How Close Was The Simpsons To Figuring Out the Mass of the Higgs Boson? #


source: Mom Comic#

blanket productivity advice is useless#

today's background image in honor of World Day of Prayer#

Well if you ask me... Fifty Years of Wedded Bliss#

today's backgroud image is in honor of my parent's fiftieth wedding anniversary. I miss them very much!#

Well if you ask me... My LinkedIn Ranking#

today's background image is of snow accumulation from a previous "storm." We did get real snow today.#

Well if you ask me... Oscars Menu 2015#

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavors#

today's background images is of one of the foods we will feature at our Oscars party this year#

Well if you ask me... Heroes#

Watching the Oscars is a big event at our house. Every year we plan the menu so it includes food inspired by the best picture nominees. This year is a hard one for me.#

I'm open to suggestions.#

Your Job Is Not to Write Code#

How to save money running your startup#

today's background image is another one of my favorite trouble makers in honor of Darwin Day#

Well if you ask me... Get your own blog#


While working on a few upcoming blog posts, I found it necessary to drop a name or two.#

I don't like it any more than you do, but I have a hard time telling some stories without doing it, and frankly, I'm tired of holding back because I'm worried what people will think. #

On a related subject, I've held back from talking about or with people I consider friends simply because they have gained a certain level of notoriety, and I don't like to be accused of a** kissing. But I'm sick of worrying about that too. #

If you think you need to call me out for either, please do, but I'd prefer you give me constructive feedback on how to improve my writing so I don't have to do it again.#

How to Win at Rock-Paper-Scissors#

today's background image of rock, paper, and scissors by Mark Turnauckas#

I know things that you do not know#

today's background image is a complete and working replica of a bombe at the National Codes Centre at Bletchley Park#


What the Original “Pinocchio” Really Says About Lying#

I certainly don't consider myself naive, but I gotta admit I didn't know this wasn't already banned at universities.#

Some schools have a tiny minority of professors who use their popularity and prestige to empower themselves, and students respond to it ... This is a very, very serious problem for higher education.

While often romanticized in fiction, relationships between faculty and students can be abusive

- Billie Wright Dziech, a University of Cincinnati professor who studies the topic#

Well if you ask me... Listening to the kids music#

Federico Viticci makes an interesting case for using his iPad as his main computer. As a fellow fan of Editorial and Drafts, I've read his thoughts on this before. I'm sorry to see him suffer through terrible disease, but I'm glad he found a way to use technology to work around the limitations.#

I've found myself using my iPad, iPhone and Anroid phone more and more lately. I still write a lot of code, so I don't think I'm ready to give up my computer - but I've thought about it.#

After the holiday break, we drove Billy back home and he took the opportunity to buy some heavy groceries while he had a car. Today's background image is part of his haul.#

When not to be disappointed#

today's image is of Phil Collins, brilliant percussionist, singer, songwriter, and performer - in celebration of his 63rd birthday#

It is a serious matter when a pope confuses political and ideological symbols for religious ones.

Pope Francis Is A Leftist And Must Be Called Out#

It must be so frustrating when your religious leaders mix politics you don't agree with into your religion.#

I can't imagine. :blush:#

What if: Stairs to space#

Dear Founders, How to Eat an Elephant#

today's background image is from winter storm Juno #

48 Down#

Today's background is "Happy New Ear!!" - used with permission #

Well, if you ask me... Too dangerous for a girl#

Brilliant! On Kindness#

best advice I ever heard on this subject was "if you are Googling 'am I having a hard attack?' stop and call 911' - read this now so you don't have to wonder then - Hacker News: Just had a heart attack #

today's background image is a baseball glove by Steven Depolo#

"The intersection of food and fashion is silly, just as the intersection of fashion and anything else is silly." Shut Up and Eat!#

Code for America Now!#

"summoning the demon" -Elon Musk#

Wired: The Grim Future if Ebola Goes Viral#

today's background image taken by the great Andy Ihnatko used with permission#

I really love the what if? feature - No-Rules NASCAR#

À La Carte TV - Let's make this happen! HBO and CBS are on board#

Oh, that's comforting! "I don’t believe we need to worry about those things for another couple of decades." - @balainiceland on Skynet #

People are buying it, but should you be selling it?#

I love when the discussion heads toward when things we read in science fiction will arrive IRL. Very much enjoyed reading the comment on Why Do We Still Have Airplanes#

Today's background is the moon from October 8, 2014#

Oped - There is no third way#

I've owned every iPhone until the 6 and I planned to skip this one.#

There are three blogs I read every day. #

I'm pretty sure Seth Godin is no Apple fanboy and I am certain the other two bloggers are not, but Dave Winer had this to say when he got his iPhone, and this morning Fred Wilson wrote that he is getting one.#

It's like the bizzaro world.#

Today's background image is the adapter I bough for the iPhone 5 and the giant box they shipped it in. ( I had ordered this to make sure I was all set to order the 5 at midnight - which ended up being 3a.m, so my son stayed up and ordered it for me anyway. )#

I'm always disappointed by stories like this - If We Can't Trust Neil deGrasse Tyson, Who Can We Trust?#

Today's background image is one of my favorite baseball players of all time - Gary Carter#

Venture Beat - How teaching can make you a better programmer#

Edudemic - How To Teach Math With LEGOs#

Smash Bros. footage leaked#

Today's background image is from a NYC set of the last Matt Smith Dr. Who episode.#

I need to design a tool that helps me schedule my college football watching. I like to put games on all day in the background, even on days like today when I plan to work all day. And I like to know which games are worth stopping to watch.#

I know it's mostly because of my obsessive personality, but it always seems to take a lot of effort to put my list together.#

"and throwing away principles is tempting indeed" -Seth Godin, Seth's Blog: Law and Order#

Today's background image is of a keyboard ( posted the day after when I saw Seth Godin's post )#

Where were you?#

A Tourist in NYC on 9/11/01#

Arnold Waldstein: September 11th...stopping to remember#

Fred Wilson: September 11th#

Scripting News on September 11th#

If you know me, you'll know I'm not the mystical or hysterical type, but what you might not know is that I do have an emotional side. People who have known me for years are surprised when they discover that.#

I was driving when the first plane hit. I wasn't listening to the radio and didn't have a car phone :blush: so I had no idea something had happened, but I was listening to some music and and a wave of emotion struck me with an intensity I've experienced very few times in my life.#

I'll never forget it.#

I was in the company of others and in front of a television in time to see the second plane hit and the towers fall.#

I'll never forget that either. #

I don't remember events as well as I remember numbers and names, but this one I will never forget.#

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